Red White and Bleu Slots

We know what you are thinking. Is that title a typing error? The answer is no – the use of ‘bleu’ indicates a French theme, along with the colors of course. These are the colors of the French flag, and both those elements dovetail nicely to reveal a slot game from Rival that looks very appealing to play.

A glass of white wine, a bottle of red, and some grapes all add to the theme here. But what happens on the reels, and will you spin some wins into play?

Format of reels and win lines

This game is as simple as it could be – three reels and one line appear as the game loads.

Coin values

As you might have guessed, you get the chance to go for up to three coins on the payline. Each of those coins could be worth a maximum of ten dollars, while there are lots of smaller coins too, going as low as one cent each.

Special symbols to look for in Red White and Bleu

While the design of this three-reel game is superb, the icons used are kept to their most basic. There is no wild, and you wouldn’t expect to see a scatter here either.

You will see some cheese, red grapes, green grapes, and some red, white, and blue sevens. You also get red, white, and blue bar symbols in one, two, or three combos. These are used to trigger prizes as shown on the paytable.

Most three-reel games show the paytable on the same screen as the reels. That’s not true of this one. Everything is shown on three pages of the paytable. There are lots of different combinations available, so you will no doubt find something appealing there. You don’t need to get three identical symbols either. The best example is to get cheese, red grapes, and green grapes in any order to win a prize.

Bonus features

There are no bonus features available in this Rival slot game.

Download and enjoy playing the Red White and Bleu slot game now!

We liked the design of this game. It boosts interest and immersion in the theme. While you cannot win anything unless you get one of the three-icon combos in the paytable, there is enough here to maintain your interest. But will you play long enough to secure a win of some kind?