Snow Wonder Slots

A sense of wonder is something you could well get when you play a good slot game. While the features included in a game are worth watching for, there’s no doubt the quality of the graphics go a long way towards making a game a classic.

Rival Gaming knows this only too well. That’s why their Snow Wonder slot game looks so appealing. We are in a wintry landscape here, with snow-covered trees, pine cones, and even a snowman watching over your progress as you play.

Format of reels and win lines

This looks like a big and bold slot, and it is in some ways, but it relies on the classic three-reel and one payline format.

Coin values

You might be surprised at the coin range in action in this game. A one-cent minimum means you can enjoy each spin for that price. However, the biggest coin is far higher at $10. You also get an option to play two or three coins per spin if you’d rather play more than just one.

Special symbols to look for in Snow Wonder

Basic slots like this one rarely have a scatter, and this one doesn’t either. While there is a chance to see a wild, Snow Wonder doesn’t use one.

There are some bar symbols and sevens here, and you will spot some pine cones, as we mentioned earlier. Those pine cones are worth looking for, because you need only find one on the payline to win a prize. Two or three will also secure a win for you.

Bonus features

You may well have guessed by now that Snow Wonder doesn’t include any bonus elements. If that’s the case, you won’t be disappointed to find there are indeed none in action.

Download and enjoy playing the Snow Wonder slot game now!

This is a nice little game. It passes the time and we think it offers more in terms of design and appeal than many other three-reel slots. Rival Gaming has a good collection of similar slots if you’re interested, all of which go large on the reels and provide the paytable on a second screen.

It’s not a festive slot game, despite the appearance of the snowman, but it is a nice one to play if you want a simple and fun experience. If it’s cold outside, this could still warm you up!