Loco 7's Slots

So… what do we think the theme might be in the Loco 7’s online slot? Rival Gaming developed and released this game, and they have kept the title vague. We might guess at trains, or maybe they’re talking about ‘going loco’, as in going a bit mad. Are we close on either of those guesses?

It turns out we are nowhere near! Once the game loads, you will see it uses a Mexican theme. There are only a few symbols used on the reels, but you will notice those reels are arranged between some cacti. Meanwhile, a guitar player stands to the side of the reels, watching your progress. Will he have anything to congratulate you for?

Format of reels and win lines

If you hadn’t already guessed, you should know this game has just three reels to spin with each bet. A red line across the middle of those reels indicates the single payline in play. You can, however, see partial symbols appearing above and below that line.

Coin values

The game begins with a 50-cent coin in play, but this can be reduced to as little as one cent. If you go the other way, a $10 maximum can be reached. Click the ‘select coins’ button to adjust between one, two, or three coins played per spin.

Special symbols to look for in Loco 7’s

You only get bar, sevens, and chilies in action here. The red chili is a scatter, unusually, but it means you can win with just one or two anywhere on the line. They do not need to appear from the left side of the reels to count in a win.

Bonus features

Did you guess there were none to see? If you did, you were right.

Download and enjoy playing the Loco 7’s slot game now!

Loco 7’s is a nice little game to try if you like three-reel slots, but you want to play something that doesn’t involve lots of fruit. Yes, you get chilies, but they are rare in these parts!

We liked playing Loco 7’s, although we doubt you would want to play it for longer periods. For a short burst, though, it is a great game to play. It is also appealing for people who want to bet just one cent per spin. A dollar could go a long way with this game.