Crazy Camel Cash Slots

Crazy Camel Cash Slots
If we don’t see a camel here, we will be disappointed! Fortunately, this is the highest-paying symbol that might appear if you play Crazy Camel Cash. The game loads to reveal a setting that looks very familiar. There are pyramids in the background, and a camel strutting along under the title of the game.

With lots of symbols that could appear here, we should get down to business and find out what else awaits us.

Format of reels and win lines

Rival Gaming, the developer of this title, has gone for a simple format. They’ve delivered three reels on the right side of the screen, with the paytable opposite. And yes, those reels accommodate only one payline.

Coin values

Although the game loads with a 50-cent coin in play, you can take this as low as one cent. If you want to go bigger, you can max out the coin at $10 a time. Up to three coins are available to place on the payline per spin.

Special symbols to look for in Crazy Camel Cash

The camel will pop up occasionally, of course. You’ll want it to, as well, because it is used as a wild. Just one of these will trigger a prize for you. Getting two camels on the line is good too, because they bring a x3 multiplier for the prize you will win. The third deciding icon in that combo will reveal the prize you would get for three of them, multiplied by x3.

Bonus features

There are no bonus features involved here. Mind you, you will be watching to see if three camels appear on the payline. If they do, you will receive the jackpot. This could be 500, 1,000, or 2,000 coins, depending on the number of coins you played when you made that spin.

Download and enjoy playing the Crazy Camel Cash slot game now!

This is a pleasing game, even though the theme is nothing new. There are bar symbols here, but you also get magic carpets, palm trees, and golden cups to look for, among other things. You’ll need three of those (or one with two wilds) to complete a prize-winning line, but you never know, maybe you will be lucky.

Crazy Camel Cash will certainly get you looking for those camels. Will they trot onto the reels when you begin to play?