One Million Reels BC Slots

With that title, it seems certain we’re heading into the past here, doesn’t it? And we are. One Million Reels BC takes us back to a time of dinosaurs and greenery everywhere you look. Don’t worry, though – there is a very good reason why you will want to see a dinosaur on the reels as you play.

Format of reels and win lines

This game reveals just three reels as it loads. Mind you, you get more than just a single payline here, with five of them available to bet on.

Coin values

You’ll see the game begins with a quarter shown as the coin value. That’s the only option you have here. The reason for this is the progressive jackpot included as part of the game. So, playing five lines with a coin per line requires a $1.25 total bet. You can choose up to three coins per line, too.

Special symbols to look for in One Million Reels BC

There are three different-sized eggs in the game, all capable of triggering prizes. Any three eggs will also bring a prize. You’ll also see a caveman, a cavewoman, and a green dinosaur in the paytable.

This dinosaur is the T-Rex, and it acts as a wild for all other symbols. If this is involved in a winning combination, your prize will be doubled in value. However, get two T-Rex icons plus something else, and you get 4x your prize!

Bonus features

The only bonus feature here is the progressive jackpot. This is shown at the top of the reels. You’ll need to play three coins per line to be in with a shot of winning this. It will be triggered with a three-coin bet on a line that reveals three T-Rex dinosaurs when the reels stop.

Download and enjoy playing the One Million Reels BC slot game now!

The main thing to remember about 1,000,000 Reels BC, as it is sometimes shown, is the cost of betting per spin. If you stick with a one-coin bet per line and the dinosaurs show up on a line, you won’t win the progressive jackpot. So, you need to work out whether you are willing to place the big bets to be in with a shot of that pot. Could you be the next big winner on this game, or will you play smaller bets and enjoy the rest of it instead?