Tahiti Time Slots

Oh, for a super vacation in Tahiti. Soft sands underfoot, cool drinks, the sea within easy reach for a refreshing swim… who could ask for more?

If you don’t think you’ll get there this year, how about enjoying some Tahiti Time courtesy of Rival instead? This slot game looks very appealing, with a nice opening cut scene to get you in the mood. Once that is complete, a beach hut will appear. The reels are inside this hut, but will they spin to reveal prizes for you?

Format of reels and win lines

This is a classic three-reel game from Rival, complete with a single payline. We also get the benefit of large reels, so it looks very cool compared to earlier games based around this format.

Coin values

The default value is a dollar as the game loads, but there are numerous other options available. If your budget can stand it, you can go as high as ten dollars. Those with a smaller budget will be happy to see a one-cent coin minimum. Up to three coins can be played per spin, too.

Special symbols to look for in Tahiti Time

Watch out for the guitar, because this has an important role to play within the game. We’ll let you guess what that is for a moment before revealing the answer!

You do get numerous bar symbols in Tahiti Time, but aside from these you’ll see cocktails, exotic flowers, and a mix of pineapples and coconuts. Tiki heads will also appear, with various colored bases and headbands. If you get three mixed ones, you will win a nice prize. But getting three identical tiki heads is a great thing as well – especially if they’re all blue!

Bonus features

So, if you manage to get two guitars on the payline, you will win five free spins along with a x2 multiplier on anything you win. But if you can get a full line of three guitars, you get 20 free spins instead. Better still, you can enjoy a x3 multiplier on prizes won if you trigger this option.

Download and enjoy playing the Tahiti Time slot game now!

Tahiti Time is an enormously enjoyable slot game despite only having three reels. If you want to try it, download it now and see why this Rival slot game is winning plenty of fans among online slot players.