Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Big Bang Buckaroo is a wordy title, but it does grab your attention doesn’t it? Better yet, it was created by Rival Gaming. That means you can guarantee you’re going to have an entertaining time playing this one.

The title image for the game features a robot sporting a cowboy hat, so does that reveal more of the treats to come in this game?

How many reels and win lines do you get?

This is a three-reel slot featuring five lines rather than the one you might have been expecting.

What can you bet on this slot?

You get to play up to five coins on each of those five lines. Meanwhile, the coins themselves are worth from a cent apiece up to five dollars each.

Does Big Bang Buckaroo have special icons to look for?

There is a good reason why the robot features in the main image for the game. The head of the robot turns out to be a wild icon. He appears with that same cowboy hat on as well, replacing everything else that stands a chance of appearing. This means you get a chance to score wins more easily than you otherwise would. The one thing missing is a multiplier, so if you do win a prize with the robot’s assistance, it will remain the same as it would be without the wild in action.

Are there bonuses to play for too?

There are no free spins, respins, or bonuses to be had here. There is a jackpot involved though, so you never know, you might get lucky and win that. The way to do so is to get three robot heads on a paid line. You would win either 400 coins, 800 coins, or the best outcome of all, 1,500 coins for winning the prize with one, two, or three coins bet on the successful line.

Will you download and play Big Bang Buckaroo today?

We love the design of this game – very sharp and boasting some excellent graphics. Even though it has just three reels, this is a very different prospect to playing lots of other three-reel games we have tried already. Meet the friendly little cowboy robot in Big Bang Buckaroo today and see whether he can assist you in scoring some appealing prizes on those reels. You never know how many robots might appear.