Reel Party Platinum Slots

While some slot games have titles that tell us a lot, some go the opposite direction. This is one of those, since Reel Party Platinum doesn’t reveal much at all about the theme. We’re guessing at a party theme, but we cannot help but think about platinum records. Maybe that is connected to party music?

Well, we are partly correct because the game is based on a New Year’s Eve party, so let’s explore and see whether there is anything else to celebrate here.

How many reels and win lines do you get?

Five reels might suggest 20 or 25 lines, but you get 15 of them all told. That does make the game quite affordable to play.

What can you bet on this slot?

You can play up to five coins per line if you wish, and choose from coins worth anything from a cent up to a dollar at most.

Does Reel Party Platinum have special icons to look for?

A baby is shown as the wild icon – an odd choice but we guess some people are keen to welcome their babies at New Year! There is a jackpot symbol too, shown as the ball drop image many of us will be familiar with.

The third icon to look out for is none other than Father Time. He can award you with some free spins. Oh, and you might want to look for a champagne bottle too…

Are there bonuses to play for too?

Three, four, or five appearances of Father Time in the base game will bring you free games to enjoy. You’ll get 10, 20, or a massive 100 of them respectively. Whatever you win in these games will enjoy a 3x multiplier.

If you manage to find three or more champagne bottles, you are invited to choose three bottles from inside a wine cellar. There are 12 bottles there, and each one hides a prize to win. Pick any three and find out how much you have won from your selections.

Will you download and play Reel Party Platinum today?

The title is still slightly strange for a game based on New Year’s Eve, but we can go with it. If you are keen on seeing lots of special symbols, this game does fit the bill. Check out the fun and games in Reel Party Platinum slots today.