Midas Touch Slots

If you do, everything you touch should turn to gold… or at least to some great coin wins with this Midas Touch slot from Rival Gaming. King Midas could do this, if the story is to be believed, but we doubt it’s true.

This slot game is based around that idea though, and it means we have some good news for you if you like a thrilling yet simple game to play.

Format of reels and win lines

You will see three reels in action when you load the game, but don’t expect just one payline. You get three of them instead, tripling your chances of a win with each spin.

Coin values

You can try this as a penny slot if you wish, but there are other coins to be seen, too. You can go up to $5 per coin, as well as choosing between one and three of your coins to play per line here.

Special symbols to look for in Midas Touch

Watch for the game logo, because it can come into play as a wild. You don’t always see those in a three-reel game, so we like this feature. Moreover, it can deliver a prize worth 500 coins, 1,000 coins, or even 2,000 coins if you get three on an active line. This is the jackpot, and varies for one, two, or three coins triggering the win.

These games often feature lots of fruit. This one does too, and while you might be surprised to see fruit appearing in a slot about things turning to gold, remember the story of King Midas. Everything he touched – food included – turned to gold. That meant he couldn’t eat anything! Poor guy.

Bonus features

The wild is as much as you will see here when it comes to the bonus elements. But since there are three lines, you may benefit from it more than you’d imagine.

Download and enjoy playing the Midas Touch slot game now!

While this game won’t draw in those players who love more complex slot game features, it will be a big draw for three-reel game lovers. If that includes you, do check it out. If you struggle to find games with more than one payline, it certainly ticks that box. And if you can find some wilds in play too, well… you won’t win any gold, but you will stand a chance of winning coin prizes.