Costume Party Slots

We haven’t encountered too many slots based around clothing, but here we have an invite to a costume party. And who doesn’t love one of those?

This Rival Gaming title is quite different from anything else we’ve seen. You’d expect costumes to come into play here, and they do, but will you realize what you need to do to win?

Format of reels and win lines

You would guess there are three reels here when you see the game screen. You’d be right too, but the screen shows three characters in fancy dress. You get to choose how many of those characters you want to enable when you play.

When you’re ready, hit spin. This reveals the three reels are positioned sideways. As you might guess, the aim is to have one or more characters dressed in a complete outfit when the spin stops.

Coin values

Want to play a cent apiece? You can do that here. You’re also able to play with other coins worth up to five dollars each. It’s also possible to wager one, two, or three of your coins each time.

Special symbols to look for in Costume Party

There’s no scatter here, but you will see a wild if you’re lucky. This can stand in for a central body part in a spin. If you get this wild in place, and the top and bottom of the character match, you get a complete costume and a prize.

Bonus features

Costume Party is a simple game based around those costumes. That means you cannot look forward to any sort of bonus feature. Mind you, we tried playing this and never missed one, so you may well enjoy the unusual base game too.

Download and enjoy playing the Costume Party slot game now!

Will you get a complete chicken, a nurse, a cowboy, or a hero? Maybe you’ll do better and get a complete costume for a knight, astronaut, witch, or monster. If you manage to complete a monster, you’ll get the biggest prize for the entire game.

The wild appears as a gorilla holding the word wild on a piece of paper, so you won’t miss that when it appears. It’s a shame it only appears on the middle row, but if it shows up at the right time, the Costume Party slot game could pay dividends for you as you play. Good luck!